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Tamara Mount // Head of School

Desi Plumley //  Administrative Coordinator & Front Desk

Zoe Proctor // Admissions & Enrollment Director 

Sarah Thessing // Development Director

Marco Yunga Tacuri // Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Director & Children’s House Spanish and PE Teacher

Barbara Beckwith // Business Manager

Laura Gypson // Early Education Program Partnership Director

Travis Thiele // Facility Manager & Athletic Director 

Malindi Chesnut-Tangerman // Social Emotional Learning Coordinator & LE Associate Teacher

Ashlyn Stephens // Montessori Curriculum Coordinator

Facilities Team

Travis Thiele // Facility Director & Athletic Director 

Trudy Vandertuin // Facilities Staff

Daniel Muller // Facilities Staff

Toddler Program

Lily Enchin// Toddler Program Director

Miranda Sherman // Toddler Assistant Teacher 

Jessica Shelby // Toddler Program Assistant Teacher

Children's House


Cheryl Matthews // Birch Room Director

Haley Hopkins // Birch Room Assistant Teacher


Rebecca Baldini // Willow Room Director

Megan Schrull // Willow Room Assistant Teacher 

CH Assistants 

Annie Woodward // Children’s House Assistant & Extended Day

Lower Elementary

Kerstin Kjellberg // Lower Elementary Director

Akari Stimler // Lower Elementary Associate Teacher

Malindi Chesnut-Tangerman// Lower Elementary Associate Teacher & Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coordinator

Upper Elementary

Lifei Osborne // Upper Elementary Director

Tom Griffith // Upper Elementary Teacher

Kathy Leone // Upper Elementary Associate Teacher

Izzy Snyder // Upper Elementary Assistant Teacher

Middle School

Becky Eisenhandler // Middle School Director: Math & Health

Finn Campman // Middle School Teacher: Language Arts & Fine Arts

Ani Schaeffer // Middle School Teacher: Humanities

Nora Gordon // Middle School Teacher: Math & Science 


Wendy Lynde // Learning Specialist Director

Ashley Dierkes // Learning Specialist Assistant 

Jade Harmon // Elementary Art Teacher

Jen Hed // Interim Music Director 

Travis Thiele // Fitness Teacher

All Faculty and Staff Directory

Staff listed alphabetically by last name
Willow Room Director
Business Manager
Middle School Teacher
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coordinator & LE Associate Teacher
Music Teacher
Learning Specialist Assistant
Upper Elementary Teacher
Early Education Program Partnership Director
Middle School Teacher
Interim Music Program Director
Middle School Director
Elementary Art Teacher
Birch Room Assistant Teacher
Upper Elementary Associate Teacher
Toddler Program Director
Lower Elementary Director
Learning Specialist Director
Birch Room Director
Head of School
Facilities Staff
Upper Elementary Director
Administrative Coordinator
Admissions Director
Facilities and Water System Consultant
Middle School Teacher
Willow Room Assistant Teacher
Toddler Program Assistant
Toddler Program Assistant Teacher
Upper Elementary Assistant
Montessori Curriculum Coordinator
Lower Elementary Associate Teacher
Facility Director & Athletic Director
Development Director
Water Systems Operator & Facilities Staff
Children's House Assistant & Extended Day
Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Director & Children's House Spanish and PE Teacher