Zoe Proctor

Zoe is so excited to step into the role of Admissions Director, as Hilltop continues to feel like an integral and intrinsic part of her life since birth. From staff kid (daughter to long-time LE teacher Jessica Thomas), to student (class of ’08), to Afternoon/AfterCare Assistant, to Administrative Coordinator, and now Admissions Director, Zoe feels a strong connection to Hilltop, Montessori pedagogy, and all that it entails. She is so grateful to be apart of such a lovely team on such a beautiful campus.

When not at Hilltop, Zoe can be found swimming or skating (depending on the season), driving around dirt roads admiring victorian houses, or in Westminster West, where she and her husband, Ian (a fellow Hilltop alum, class of ‘01!) are building a timber frame house to live in with their beloved cats, Babs, Billy, and Janet.