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Below are a few common questions about Hilltop’s Admissions Process. If you have a question you don’t see the answer to here, please feel free to reach out at any time to Zoe Proctor, Admissions Director, at [email protected]

Why is the first step to visit the school?

Hilltop is an accredited Montessori school, and Montessori pedagogy is tied into everything we do here. Because the Montessori approach differs from traditional education, it is important that families understand the basics of what they are actually applying for – for themselves and for their child(ren). Parent/family partnership is also crucial to the success of our students, and we want to begin building that partnership with you right from the start! If you need to have that visit be remote because you are not in the area, we will work with you to accommodate that. (See below). 

What if my family doesn't live locally?

We are happy to work with families who are not currently living locally. We can set up a time for you to “visit” online, and can also accomadate student “visits” online. Please reach out to Zoe Proctor at [email protected] with any questions about your specific situation. 

What if I am applying in the summer?

If you are applying after the previous school year has ended, and therefore unable to attend parent and student visits while in session, we will work with you to set up meetings with our Admissions Director and teachers as possible. These meetings will help to convey what a Montessori education has to offer, and to determine if Hilltop Montessori School would be a beneficial learning environment for your child. Please note that visiting during the summer can make it harder for all to assess whether or not Hilltop is a good fit. 

Is it ok to not know much about Montessori yet?

Families are not required to come to us with great (or any) understanding of Montessori pedagogy. What we ask is that families are open to learning at least the fundamentals of Montessori in order to support the home-to-school transition, and build understanding of what Hilltop’s practices are. 

Does Hilltop have financial aid? If so, how do I apply?

Yes, Hilltop provides financial aid though our Index Tuition Program. You can find lots of information about the program, including a chart with all tuition rate options, here. You can apply online via a link sent you by our Admissions Office. 

How do you decide who to accept?

First, we fill classes with the re-enrollment of current families. Then, we look to which grades or programs have openings. Hilltop may make acceptance decisions based on considerations such as student and family agreement with the Montessori philosophy (including a commitment to the three year cycle), student ability to be successful within the parameters of a Montessori learning environment, enrollment of other family members, age (in respect to a balance of our mixed-age classrooms), general makeup of the classroom, and date of application. 

When does Hilltop make admissions decisions?

We make admissions decisions by March 15th. After that, we operate on a rolling admissions basis, which means we continue to accept students up until the start of the school year until classes are full. 

Why does the Toddler Program do Home Visits prior to the start of school?

One of the most important things teachers do is create relationships and connections with the children and parents with whom they work. Home visits are a great way for teachers to create an initial connection with a child and their family. It is during this time that the child has an opportunity to meet their new teachers for the first time in their own home, a place where they are already very comfortable. When parents welcome teachers and interact with them in their home, they are communicating to the child that the teachers are “friends” and people that can be trusted. The trust and relationship building that begins during the home visit is paramount for this age group and allows the toddler to transfer this comfortable feeling into the classroom.