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Travis Thiele

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Travis Thiele was born in Brattleboro, grew up in Westminster West, attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and has worked in Costa Rica, New Zealand, Lake Tahoe, and Park City. He is a certified ski and snowboard instructor since 2001 and has taught thousands of lessons around the world to predominantly clients with disabilities. He was the national team coach for Belgium at the snowboarding’s debut at the Paralympic Games in Sochi Russia and has coached athletes with disabilities at the US Open, the X Games and IPC World Championships around the world. He is passionate about the outdoors and believes strongly in the power of sport and nature to soothe the soul, strengthen the body, instill confidence and engender awareness of the environment and one’s community. He also has extensive experience in facilities maintenance, construction, renovation, and repair. He enjoys skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, soccer, camping, tree climbing, apple pressing, carpentry, foraging wild mushrooms, and spending time in the woods with his three children and partner in Jamaica, Vermont.