Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coordinator & LE Associate Teacher

Malindi Chesnut-Tangerman

Malindi (she/her) will be joining the Hilltop community for the second year as the Social Emotional Learning Coordinator and Lower Elementary assistant teacher. Born and raised in Vermont, Malindi was home-schooled until 5th grade and feels that many of the values of Montessori were integral to her early education. After graduating from Hamilton College with a degree in Anthropology and Education, she moved to Hong Kong to teach and travel. After six years teaching early childhood and Elementary students in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, she felt drawn home to Vermont to be closer to friends, family, and her home community. Malindi is excited to learn from the experienced team of Hilltop educators, to contribute her educational experience to the holistic support of students’ learning and wellbeing. Philosophically, Malindi has always believed that everyone can enter a classroom as both a learner and a teacher and is looking forward to all that the HMS students have to teach her. She is excited to continue in both of her roles and to be able to support students with all of their needs.
Malindi loves to play ultimate frisbee, spend time with friends, share good food, travel, and be in nature.