Willow Room Director

Rebecca Baldini

Rebecca Baldini, a self-described Minnesotan/Montanan, settled in New England in 1998 and never looked back. She raised three Montessori children before becoming a teacher herself. Rebecca was the integrated arts coordinator and violin teacher before leading a children’s house classroom for the past four years at the Montessori Schoolhouse in Keene, NH. A believer in lifelong learning, Rebecca earned a second bachelor’s degree in music (her first was in economics and Russian studies) and recently completed a master’s degree in education. In the classroom, she is especially interested in music/literacy connections, peace education, and feeding children’s natural appetite for beauty in art, music, and nature. Beyond the classroom, Rebecca’s interests are music, Italy, and water. She plays and teaches harp and violin, travels to Italy yearly, and finds her bliss on a paddleboard or a boat.