River of Spirit Odyssey – Day 3

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Saturday, May 7

Morning Shabbat at Temple Beth Zion

Conversation with Reb Moshe Waldoks 

Lunch in Coolidge Corner 

A visit to the New England Holocaust Memorial

Blue Man Group at the Charles Theater

Return to Friendly Crossways – journal, sing, sleep

May 7th

[At Temple Beth Zion] I really enjoyed when the Rabbi said that he was a seeker, and not a believer, because that is more what I am. I’m just trying to find an open path in life that works for me. – Wycke

At Temple Beth Zion, the service was very different from the service we went to the night before…it amazes me how differently decorated each Torah is. They all have the same information, but they are all so different. – Camden

     Deep thoughts: deepness. 

     The pillars were very tall

     And I felt small compared to the

     Sheer amount of numbers

     On the glass panes.

              – Aiden

With topics so large, and open to interpretation I still don’t have a fully formed opinion of everything we saw today. The memorial was so hopeless, and beautiful, and disgusting. So many numbers. There was so much history that one would easily have reason to crumpled and die looking at that memorial. Yet, we were more intrigued by a small rabbit sitting in the grass. How could we look at this memorial, this place showing us Middle Schoolers things that an angel could weep about, and yet we spent our time watching a bunny. I still don’t understand grief, and who, or why, or when, or how it affects someone.  
          – Desi

One of the main thoughts I have about the Holocaust is about the first Jew to die. They could have not known anything about the Nazi party, or about Hitler. They could have been a child, or someone who had a family. Where did they die? How? Did they die with anyone? If so, who? Another thought I had was more of an image in my head. The image contained someone hitting the floor, dead, and then a number written down. The same image plays over and over, until the number 6 million is written down. – Jaxon

It is hard to believe how that many people could pass. Seeing the numbers on the glass [at the Holocaust Memorial] was overwhelming to think about.
      – Gabe

The Blue Man Group was probably the best part of the day. It’s so cool how just a group of three started it, and so many people come to watch. I loved how they dumped a lot of paint on the drums and slammed them super hard, spraying the paint everywhere. – Talia