River of Spirit Odyssey – Day 2

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10:00 – Thousand Buddha Temple –

Lunch in Harvard Square 

1:30 – Harvard Art Museum

4:30 – Temple Israel (Reform Synagogue)

6:00 Qabbalat Shabat at Temple Israel

Late dinner either at the Time Out Food Court

May 6th

At The 1,000 Buddha Temple I really liked how they talked about supporting and welcoming everyone no matter what they were like, no matter who they love, or what their gender is. They were so kind and welcoming. -Camden

[At the Harvard Art Museum] Every time I tried to create a pencil mark that resembled a brush mark on the scroll, I could almost picture the original artist making the same exact strokes that I was making just then. Two completely different people in completely different countries and time periods but making the same exact strokes on a paper in front of them. I don’t know who it was and what they were like but I got to know them a bit better than I would have just by observing the art. -Abby

The big sanctuary at Temple Israel we walked into was scary and imminent. It made me feel very small and helpless. The ceilings were so tall and it was cool that is was like waves. The old scroll (Torah) was cool but I thought someone was going to hand it to me and I would drop it and spend 40 days without food. -Lucas

The Shabbat service was the most interesting experience I had today. Being used to Catholic masses, this showed a whole new part of religion. The music was by far the highlight. The message they were trying to show didn’t just apply to Judaism, in fact, ‘love your neighbor is a very big part of catholicism. -Pete

The singing with the people in the synagogue felt transcendent. I didn’t know the words but I knew what they meant. It was amazing to hear all the voices and people bond into one voice. -Max