River of Spirit Odyssey – Day 1

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Thursday, May 5

9:00 – Leave Hilltop 

10:00 – Temple Forest Monastery (Theravada Buddhist Temple), meet with Ahahn Jayanto, co-abbot

2:00 – Arrive at Friendly Crossways Hostel

Drop off luggage, get tour, and set up. 

3:30 – Head into Boston 

5:00 – dinner City Place Food Court 8 Park Plaza – walk through Boston Commons to:

7:00 – The Crossing – Cathedral Church of St. Paul. Service and conversation with Reverend Tamra Tucker and members. 

May 5th

What really struck me today was when the monks started chanting, because it made me realize that they have dedicated their lives to Buddhism. I am coming to them knowing only the basics of their religion. It made me realize that their everyday lives are an entirely new world to me. – Jaxon

I think my best moment was at Temple Forest Monastery when I was eating, and I thought about how much hard work and kindness was put into making the food. It made me wonder what we did to deserve it. But they did not make it because they had to, they did it out of kindness, and I wish I could do something like that. – Corbin

I was a little unsure of what to do when I got to the Temple Forest Monastery. I was confused, and nervous that I would mess something up. As the visit went on I eased up, and I was able to enjoy the moment. It was surprising how calming the meditation was. – Cara

The thing that was most special was how the monks at the monastery respected our imperfections. – Asher

Everyone at Temple Forest Monastery and The Crossing was so welcoming and nice. I immediately felt comfortable and wanted there. The whole experience was so moving and inspiring. I can’t wait to visit the other places in the next few days- Iris

My favorite moment of the day was at The Crossing when we all joined hands and sang. Not only were we all one, but connecting and unifying our energies as we opened our hearts and minds to greet possibilities. – Ava