Celebrating Changes, and Looking Forward to Next Year

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The HMS Board of Trustees gathered via zoom on Wednesday for our penultimate meeting of the school year. We are wrapping up current year activities while also focusing on next year. We were so pleased with the turnout at the March Open Board Meeting – thank you so much to everybody who attended!! We hope it was informative and useful for you. Your enthusiasm for the governance of this school is exciting and contagious.

The highlight of our meeting this week was, no doubt, a visit from Hilltop’s new Fitness Instructor and Facilities Director, Travis Thiele. Travis has spent the past couple of months taking over from the irreplaceable Kegan Refalo, and has stepped into his new roles at Hilltop with some big ideas! He shared his enthusiasm for fitness, the outdoors, and his passion for getting kids to love winter (ask him about it sometime!). He also shared ideas that he has for the HMS campus, both in terms of building maintenance and developing use of our outdoor space. Thanks for joining us, Travis! We are looking forward to working with you.

As we are starting to plan our Board projects and activities for next year, please stay tuned! The Committees are busy, and will be looking for involvement from HMS community members to work alongside Trustees.  We will be kicking off a couple of major initiatives in a couple of months, including Hilltop’s 50th Anniversary planning and activities, and a new Strategic Plan process. Both will involve and welcome lots of community input, with opportunities for all different types and levels of participation. We will be in touch!