How to Begin a Conversation about Disabilities

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Addressing an inclusive conversation about disabilities can be uncomfortable for many people,
not only because we don’t want to harm anyone, but also because often we don’t know much
about the subject. There are many forms of disability, and, like race, gender, and culture,
disabilities exist in diverse forms that are part of each individual’s unique identity. Therefore
educating ourselves about different disabilities is exceptionally beneficial to individuals
regardless of their body condition.

This is why “How to Begin a Conversation about Disabilities” will be the next subject of
discussion in our Parent Education Series on Wednesday, April 4th at 6:30. This session
(Session 11), will be led by Crista Yagjian, a local educator and activist.

As always, we believe that this session will provide the knowledge and tools for adults to better
initiate and guide an inclusive conversation with children about disabilities in our society.
If you are interested in participating in this session but have not gotten the chance to register,
please send me an email at [email protected]

Following sessions
– Wednesday, April 4th “How to Begin a Conversation about Disabilities,” led by Crista
– Wednesday, May 6th “Equity, Justice, and Inclusion in Hilltop: why do we believe this is
important,” led by Tamara Mount, Head of School.
– Friday, May 13th “Taking Action and Community Commitment,” led by Amber Arnold

Yupaichani / Gracias / Thank You!
-Marco Yunga Tacuri (he, him, his)