Notes from Head of School


Middle School Curriculum

This year the Middle School has been transforming their curriculum to have a focus on Climate Change, the challenging and critical topic of our times. There are many youth leaders across the globe and we are working to teach and learn information with an eye to action, while also supporting our students in developing all...
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Grant Application Awards

Every year, we participate in state programs and apply for grants that help to support our school activities. We’ve gotten notice of three successful grant application awards! –  We received a “School Safety and Security Grant” from the state for almost $24,000! This has been two years in the making. Kegan applied for this last...
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Professional Development

As a staff, we continue to do “professional development” as one of our ways to grow further and to always improve as teachers and administrators. We invite you to further develop as a parent/caregiver by taking advantage of one of the outstanding workshop opportunities that we have arranged to offer at Hilltop this fall. None...
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Hilltop Becomes AMS Accredited

We are proud to announce that Hilltop Montessori School is now fully accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). We are the first Montessori school in VT to become Montessori accredited. Only 15% of the Montessori schools in the country are accredited by AMS. Being accredited is an official certification and confirmation that we have...
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Faculty Summer Trainings

The summer is a time for teachers to rest and rejuvenate. It is also often a time for thoughtful  professional development, feeling less rushed than during the school year. Many of our  teachers and staff were involved in different trainings and Professional Development over the  summer. Below are a few highlights of information learned that...
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