Remote Learning Updates and Goals

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In the first few weeks of remote learning, we focussed on:

  • Reaching out to students and families to support learning at home as quickly and thoroughly as we could
  • Balancing staff roles and responsibilities to distribute the immense new online workload and the diminished onsite workload, and keep all staff employed
  • Strategizing for managing the school and supporting families during this health and economic crisis
  • Providing care for children of essential persons

And much more . . . 

Now as we are all more settled into this “new normal” we, as a school, have added another set of goals:

  • Streamlining and organizing our communication with families (see below and be on the lookout for an email with calendar links for “All School Events” and for your students program calendar that will include the ZOOM invitations for one stop event info)
  • Establishing and communicating attendance and participation expectations during the Remote Learning period.
  • Providing community events for parents and students across programs (the second Hilltop Parent Connection will be Thursday, April 16th 7pm, and the first On-Line All School Gathering is scheduled for Thursday, April 30th, 9am)
  • Planning for what this “at home” situation could mean for events through the spring and into the summer
  • Further strategizing, at the Board/Admin level, for how to support families, staff, and the school now and in the near future of this financial crisis. (Please join us for the Open Board Meeting on Thursday, April 30 at 7pm)

We welcome input as we further refine how to serve students and families in this learning at home period. Please contact your teacher, a Board Member, or me if you have any ideas for us to consider as we get better at this!

Stay well,