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May 2 – Day 1

8:30 – Leave Hilltop

Temple Forest Monastery

Lunch at the Temple

Check in @ Boston Backpackers Hostel

Early dinner @ The Corner Mall Food Experience

5:30 – 6:30 Meet w/ Rev Tamra @ The Crossing

7:00 Worship with The Crossing

Retire to Boston Backpackers Hostel

I think I truly had forgotten what an odyssey is like, but as soon as I left the school, I remembered the true odyssey feeling. All my worries left, and I was feeling great.


What a day! When we first got out of the car at The Forest Temple Monastery, I immediately felt at home in a way I can’t quite describe. Ajhan Pesalo led us in a meditation, and honest to god, it was probably the most peaceful experience I’ve had in a while. If I really focused, I could feel and hear my blood spiderwebbing throughout my body. If I really imagined it, I could almost see the energy pulsing in my limbs. What an experience.


To see how monks at Temple Forest Monastery live, so simple, made me really understand that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. And if that means handing over a part of their self to their practice, they were going to do it.


Something that I learned at Temple Forest Monastery was that the monks live in simple homes. You see how modern houses have all kinds of convenient things, but they just have a bed and a place to meditate. This shows that you don’t need everything to live a fulfilling life.


At The Crossing I really resonated with how Reverand Tamra was saying that people’s gender, race, age, and background didn’t matter, and they shouldn’t be stopped from seeking communion with God. I also liked the student-purchased meal. It gave me a great sense of responsibility.


At The Crossing church I had such a wonderful experience. I loved what Rev. Tamra was saying about how God isn’t necessarily a person or being, but rather something within everyone. She said, “God is love”, so she sees God in everyone.