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May 3 – Day 2

10:30- Islamic Society of Boston

Lunch @ Islamic Society

1-1:45 Sermon @ Islamic Society 

4:30 – 5:30 – Temple Israel of Boston, with Rabbi Zecher

6:00 – Shabbat service 

7:30-ish – Dinner @ Zaftigs Deli

Retire to BB

Witnessing the prayers and the sermon [at the Islamic Society of Boston Community Center] was so incredible to me. Watching them bow in unison, facing Mecca, and especially hearing those little snippets, those moments when all of their voices came together like a wave was so powerful. Meeting Souad was really important for me because I got to see what a human being, what personality she was. That has been a major theme throughout our whole study: seeing that even if you are Muslim, or Christian, or Jewish, we are all humans, and we shouldn’t let the few differences we have cloud that one huge reality. – Matrix

I think learning about so many different practices and thoughts of spirit has helped me form a deeper understanding of where people are coming from, and why spirit and religion is so prominent in people’s lives. – Ayla

Okay. So today was odd. When we went to the Mosque, and I saw how many people there are [praying at the same time] in this religions community, and how this is life for them…if I were god, I would ask for one [person to worship] at a time, although [I can see how] in community, it feels more together, quite literally. – Finn B

I think there is a little piece of all of us that connects people. Some call it God, Allah, Adonai, etc. For me, it’s the small voice in my heart that distinguishes right from wrong…and so, when it comes to social justice, I know that everyone’s chests are screaming for them to do something, and sometimes people let those voices decide too much for them and become misled. It’s easy to find yourself lost when your heart has been broken, but with resilience and others’ help, I know that someday, everyone will heal. – Oona

The [ISBCC] Mosque and Temple [Israel] were supporting different sides of the war in [Gaza], but both were praying for safety. It was so wonderful just to see people praying for others they don’t know on both sides. It reminds me that we are all human. The war may be more than I can understand, but I can see that people just want peace on both sides. Religion can divide us, but it can also unify us. – Isabel

Isn’t fighting for what you believe in spirit by itself? Or do you look to spirit for the strength to do what is right? Or, is practicing a spirituality some people’s way of doing right? Like the Rabbi [Elaine Zecher] said, sometimes questions are all we have. – Lyla

Call to Prayer