COVID Restrictions for the Coming Year

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Dear Hilltop Families,

Just today Dan French and Mark Levine issued a memorandum regarding COVID 19 considerations for the coming school year. The plans that we have had in place are in compliance with these considerations. We have been proud of the careful navigation we have done through this pandemic and grateful for the understanding and cooperation from our families. We are thrilled that vaccinations are now available for our younger students and have heard of many of our Children’s House students getting vaccinated. We loved the increased opportunities for community that started at the end of last year, and we are excited to bring back many of our cross-program and cross-generation activities. As we look to next year, we expect to begin the year with activities much like we did before COVID. We will adjust if cases rise and/or the health risks of our community change.

Specifically we expect to:

  • Have masking be optional for all programs
  • Bring back Peace Buddies!! (Pairings of students, younger with older, across the programs Toddler through Middle School)
  • Continue to do as many activities outside as logistically feasible, especially activities involving cross-program groups
  • Have All School Gathering starting in October (most likely outside)
  • Allow for parents to come inside the building with masking optional
  • Continue to run the ungraded HVAC systems and air filters that increase the ventilation in all of our buildings
  • Invite Grandparents and Special Friends for a visit in October (mark your calendars for October 7th!)

If/when we have cases within our direct student and staff community, we will continue to follow the state guidelines and have COVID positive people wait 5 or more days and until symptoms are significantly better before returning to school. We will also need to continue to be vigilant about having students and staff with any COVID like symptoms stay home until symptoms improve significantly and a negative antigen or LAMP test. You can view the Signs and Symptoms chart in the Family Handbook on pages 62 – 69, we will be using this chart for guidelines when staff and students need to go home, stay home, and can return to school. 

We do have a large supply of COVID tests. If anyone would like a box prior to the start of school, please reach out to Desi at the Front Desk

We are very grateful to our COVID Advisory Committee, who have helped us steer through changing waters these past two years. We appreciate the generous contributions of their experience and expertise, and their recommendations for how to proceed at each step. Should the situation change regarding COVID in our community we will make adjustments accordingly. If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Tamara Mount
Head of School