Emergency Preparedness in our Community

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Dear Hilltop Community,

I want to acknowledge that school safety is on many of our minds currently. I know we all feel heartbroken and devastated over the recent tragedy in Texas, and it is easy to feel frightened and alarmed by what we’ve seen in the news. As some of you might know, the school went through a full evaluation of safety measures in 2012 (after Sandy Hook). Over the years we have implemented recommendations and increased the security and preparedness of our school. Safety of children and staff is always of paramount importance. We will be continuing to evaluate our systems and procedures and to train staff for safety and response. This year, in particular, we have had an EOP (Emergency Operations Plan) committee including a representative from each program, meeting monthly to revise our school’s plan, along with input from local EMS and Fire Departments. We continue to attend quarterly school safety meetings with local First responders, schools, the district, and town representatives, as we are a part of the town-wide school response plan. As always we will share information about our drills and emergency plans at the beginning of the school year. A few of you have reached out to learn more about our current systems and procedures. If anyone has any questions that you would like to discuss now, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Desi.

Tamara Mount
Head of School