In Solidarity with AAPI Families

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We were devastated to learn that a white man attacked and murdered eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian American women. We want to express our solidarity with the families of all Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders from our community and in the country. 

We condemn these actions of hate and violence fed by white supremacy and misogyny against those who have historically been marginalized. These horrible actions were not only based on racist ideas fueled by the rhetoric around the pandemic, but also a crime against women, in this case, Asian American women. This is a very sad moment for this country and even more for Asian American families who now may feel more unsafe than ever. We specifically feel solidarity with families in our own community who may feel this pain personally. We know that the main cause of these actions is racism and misogyny, and we need to take action and confront them. 

As a school, we recognize that we can also do better. While we have been actively working on anti-racism and anti-bias in our classrooms and among the staff, we want to give more attention to Asian American experiences. We commit to reviewing our curriculums, bookshelves, and discussions, and adjusting them to be more inclusive of Asian American narratives, both historical and current. For example, we will look to: amplify the stories of Asian immigration to this continent, and not to center the Mayflower and “colonial” history; to acknowledge the perspectives on all sides of wars that included Asian countries “against” white countries; to include Asian Americans who have made important contributions in the study of heroes; and more.

Racism, misogyny, xenophobia, islamophobia, and other forms of bigotry are present every day in our society, from a micro level to the macro level. Silence is not an option. We need to educate more people on these issues and create awareness about the effects of discrimination and systemic oppression. We commit to taking action. We stand in solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander community. If you are needing support in these times, please let us know how we can be of service. 

In solidarity,

Marco and Tamara