Anti-Bias and Proposed Budget

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The HMS Board of Trustees convened for our first meeting of the new year! We started the meeting with a presentation from the Upper Elementary teaching team, who graciously took some time from preparing student evaluations to discuss how they are incorporating anti-bias work into their curriculum. In particular, they mentioned bringing in local Abenaki leaders to guide learning in a number of different areas. They have also been exploring the construction of stereotypes, -isms, and -phobias, and the impact both that it can have on students’ lives AND the actions students can take to make a positive difference to help combat harmful assumptions. We encourage you to discuss this work with the teachers themselves, and come to the Anti-Bias and Equity Work Group to participate in discussions both larger and grittier about how we can work on this as a community!

And then, of course, down to business. We spent a significant amount of time discussing the proposed 2020-21 budget, and thank our Treasurer Travis Shine for his detailed explanations and the Finance Committee for putting such thought into constructing the budget. We feel confident that this budget will keep us on the sustainable path of both growing the endowment and expanding equitable access to Hilltop’s programming within the community, and we are grateful for the responsible financial stewardship of the HMS administration!

We also want to remind everybody about our upcoming open Board meeting on Friday, March 27. We are excited about this one! The theme is PIES! Yes, you heard it, PIES! Everybody is invited to come learn about the workings of the HMS Board. We will be providing sweet and savory pies for everybody’s enjoyment, and the event coincides with a Kid’s Night Out, so feel free to sign your kids up with our capable Middle School child care team, come learn about what we do, and enjoy the culinary skills of the current Board of Trustees. Keep your eyes out for more announcements in the newsletter as we get closer to the date.

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