Grant Application Awards

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Every year, we participate in state programs and apply for grants that help to support our school activities. We’ve gotten notice of three successful grant application awards!

–  We received a “School Safety and Security Grant” from the state for almost $24,000! This has been two years in the making. Kegan applied for this last year, but independent schools ended up not being included. This year they were, so we re-applied, and got the award! These funds will be used to install an upgraded intercom and door locking system based on state recommendations in relation to notification and perimeter security. If you would like to know more about it, please consider joining the Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting on Monday, Dec 16th at 3:15 in the Arts Barn kitchen, or contact Kegan. 

– We also have just been awarded a “New England Grassroots Environmental Fund Grow Grant” for $2,625 to support the work of developing the sacred circle garden in the lower field. The Elementary programs have helped set the site and worked to build soil. This grant will allow us to continue to develop this garden project in a way that connects with the narratives of POC farmers and indigenous land tending practices. This project is in direct alignment with the H.794 Ethnic and social equity studies bill recently passed in Vermont and puts our students in direct relationship with the land and allows them to learn and experience the many contributions of non-colonizer narratives to our communities and culture. This is also an opportunity for our students who experience marginalization and oppression to see themselves reflected in empowering and liberating ways in the curriculum. We hope that this space will also be a beautiful resource for parents and community members in months and years to come. For more information, or to help with implementation of this project, please contact Amber.

– We have also been fortunate to receive a grant of $10,000 this fall from the Kahn Mason Foundation. Throughout the years, this foundation has supported our school in offering an amazing variety of art education to all program levels. Our integration of the arts not only grows students who view themselves as artists, musicians, and performers but has been proven to help children learn and retain academic skills and information. This year part of the grant funding is being used to bring Sandglass Theater’s production of “Rock the Boat”  here to engage our students in the development of this show.