Facilities Team



Travis Thiele

20 Dec 2021By
Travis Thiele was born in Brattleboro, grew up in Westminster West, attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and has worked in Costa Rica, New Zealand, Lake Tahoe, and Park City. He is a certified ski and snowboard instructor since 2001 and has taught thousands of lessons around the world to predominantly clients with disabilities. He was...
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Trudy Vandertuin

14 Jan 2021By
Trudy joined the Facilities Team in summer 2020. She moved to Brattleboro in April 2016 from her home country of South Africa. In Johannesburg she was employed as a Stats Recorder at a Security company. Since moving to Brattleboro she has assisted her husband in building their last two homes. Trudy and Peter enjoy traveling...
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Kegan Refalo

7 Jan 2020By
Kegan joined the Hilltop Community in 2016 with experience in remodeling and property maintenance. They have been building community creativity since 2003; from local food production to youth leadership development, from garment construction to community organizing, who provides an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and skilled hands to get the work done. Kegan moved up...
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