Facilities and Water System Consultant

Kegan Refalo

Kegan is our resident Jack-of-All-Trades. He joined the Hilltop Community in 2016 with experience in remodeling and property maintenance. They have been building community creativity since 2003; from local food production to youth leadership development, from garment construction to community organizing, who provides an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and skilled hands to get the work done.

His primary task is to manage all the behind the scene tasks so that the campus is a safe and beautiful learning environment. They enjoy when students can be folded into these tasks to practice being caretakers of the land, our buildings and shared classroom materials, and when he can be folded into the creative play of theater and field trips.

Kegan moved up to Vermont in 2012 and is glad to be rooted into the Kwanitekw river valley, learning how to be a good neighbor to the Abenaki peoples and other settlers making home here in the N’Dakina.