Asher Pucciarello

Asher attended Antioch Graduate School where he received an MA in Counseling Psychology. He is currently co-director of The Children and Parents Project where he has been part of the team since 1995. At CAPP, Asher provides individual, couples, family, and group mental health counseling for children, teenagers and adults as well as individual, small group and larger system consultation for educational and mental health providers and organizations.

Asher lives in Westminster West with his wife, Re, and their three children. Finnegan is currently attending the Middle School, and Oona and Esmé are in Hilltop’s Upper Elementary. Asher has been notably inspired by Hilltop’s demonstrated commitment to help children sustain their curiosity for lifelong use, to develop meta-cognitive skills so that their strong minds can be channeled, and to develop a solid sense of who they are in community.

In order to further his mission to work with others to create and support healthy spaces for children’s minds, and out of gratefulness for his children’s education at the school, Asher has joined the board in hopes of giving back to the Hilltop community.