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May 5 – Day 4

Emmanuel Church, service/cantata

Common Cathedral, Service for the unhoused at the Brewer Fountain in Boston Common

Dialogue with Rev. Carrington Moore

Back to Emmanuel, dialogue with Rev. Pamela Werntz/Deacon Bob Greiner

Sri Lakshmi Temple, tour and dialogue with Ganesh Krishnan

Dinner @ Sri Lakshmi Cafe

Retire to BB

The day felt like a flowing river. Sometimes it was overwhelming and fast, other times calm and slow but it was always moving. 



Stained glass, glowing
Statues, looming
Singing, connected
Preaching, eye opening
Classical music, coordinated
Puppets, comforting


I heard truth in the words of Rector Pam [at Emmanuel Church] when she was talking about how a silence can mean more than the words that might be said. This was very similar to the words of Rabbi Zecher yesterday. 

-Finn B

One thing that really surprised me in our meeting with Rector Pam was when she said “It’s too easy to just pray for peace.” This can be taken in many different ways but I took it like it’s not too easy to pray for peace for some people (including me). For example, praying for peace for Palestine and Israel. That’s not easy. It’s hard praying for something you can’t control and is in other people’s hands. 


Something that I took away from Common Cathedral is how I forget how privileged I am. I take for granted my house and clothes and the fact that I go to school and have great parents. Today I saw people who had ragged clothes and people who needed food. Those people who seemed to have so little, prayed not for themselves but for others. 


Some of the people’s voices [at the Common Cathedral] jumbled up a bit but the words were intelligent, eloquent, and I just was like “Wow!” How have we allowed people to lead such hard lives? We forget that they, too, are people with important thoughts and words and feelings and love for God. 

-Ezra P.

At Sri Lakshmi Temple, my mind was blown and then it settled into a tranquil lake. We were talking to a man and he told us how he hates the idea of God. He said, “the idea of one God is not true. Instead, we should believe that everything and everyone is God.“ I asked how a person becomes Hindu. He responded, “by seeking, not by believing”. This idea completely changed my perspective of the world.


What is Love
Love is when a stranger washes away their pride.
Love is when a man stumbles over his words
To share his devotion.
Love is when a mother doesn’t pull her child away.
Love is watching over someone who doesn’t know
You are always there.
Love is when a woman gasps for breath to share
A prayer.
Love is when a fumbling man is understood. 
Love is an equal family all part of a larger whole.
Love is reaching out to those who haven’t.
Caring enough is love.


Hymn at Emmanuel Church – Oh Love of God, how strong and True

An aria from Bach Cantata Bach BWV 137

Singing at the Common Cathedral

Morning Sing
Singing hymns at Emmanuel Church
and given auspicious scarves and blessed coconuts
a photo with our host Temple President, Ganesh Krishnan