Developing Plans and Goals for the Future

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As teachers returned to school to welcome new community members and reflect on and prepare for the year ahead, the Hilltop Board of Trustees did the same. Trustee Shelley Lockyear generously hosted the board and their families at her inn (The Nutmeg Inn, in Wilmington) on Saturday, August 26. The Board is thrilled to welcome four new trustees to our work this year: Doug Flood, Kate Purwin, Julia Scannell, and Avery Schwenk. To see a full listing of Board members and a brief description of their backgrounds, please visit the board page on the school website.

The next day the board reconvened at Hilltop for a full day retreat with facilitator Dr. Brooke Carroll. Brooke’s background in small, independent school governance (she’s literally written the book on the topic!) ensured the board launched the year with clear, professional guidance and expertise around school governance, goal setting, committee work, and supporting the head of school. In an effort to follow through on those goals, one of which is around transparency, communication, and accountability, the Board will be contributing to the Hilltop Happenings newsletters following our monthly board meetings. We start this week by sharing all our goals for the year ahead.

Hilltop Board of Trustees Goals, 2023-2024

  • Review & revise board bylaws
  • Begin to develop a board handbook
  • Finalize, formalize and follow the board agreements generated at the board retreat
  • Complete strategic plan
  • Clarify expectations, roles, and practices of committees
  • Clarify and formalize Head of School goal-setting and evaluation process 
  • Increase transparency and communication between the Board and faculty and staff, parents, and the wider community

As always, if you have questions for or about the Board, we hope you’ll reach out to us. 

Wishing everyone a productive, purposeful and joyful school year!

The 2023-2024 Hilltop Board of Trustees