Story of American Resilience Odyssey – Day 1

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Monday, May 1st

Leave Hilltop

Depart from New Haven on Metro North

Check in – Q4 Hostel in Queens

Meet with Linda Machuca at La Hueca Manabita

Dinner at La Hueca Manabita

Fun in Flushing Meadows Park – Speeches

Retire to Q4

When I go to a city or a place with a lot of people, I always see people and spend a portion of the trip thinking about how every single person has a life story and people who care about them. This is always hard to grasp. One person may have been fired earlier that day, and one may have gotten a promotion. – Isabel

It was super cool today to see all different kinds of people immersed in a whole network of cultures, languages, and ethnicities…I don’t know why, but I felt more at home here than back in Vermont. – Wycke

I did not realize how un-diverse where we come from is, until we arrived in New York. As soon as I got off the train, I noticed so much diversity in everything. It’s incredible how many communities there are in this city. Everywhere feels so alive, with so many people on so many different journeys. – Lydia

At the restaurant [La Hueca Manabita] there were many other people there, and I thought about what their stories might be. The activity we did [with Linda Machuca] at the end really led me to think about how it’s hard for people to give up stuff, or trade with people who are less fortunate than others. I really thought deep about what it would be like to be undocumented, to be a labor worker, not having any rights, in terrible conditions. – Camden

City Life in the Eyes of a Vt. Girl

in the hustle bustle

you have to look

for the little things,

people yelling greetings,

steamy street food

laughing giddy with friends.

here also things that make my heart sink

people calling for lost friends

trash in the parks

homeless people in need of a helping hand

there will always be someone in need,

helping them can help a lot of others too

find light to give them

in the never ending darkness

 – Lyla

Observing new energy was just incredible. I let my eyes feast on the colors and shapes, the collage of culture too vibrant to forget. The excitement is exhausting, though delightful, because it is all part of this astounding experience. – Ava

I found it interesting when riding the trains. It’s so cool to see all of the different people of the world packed in something as small as a subway. – Matai