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May 7

Clean up and goodbye to Q4

Speeches at Bryant Park

Talk with Chelsea MacMillan Interfaith minister and climate activist

Depart from Grand Central Station to New Haven on Metro North

Today has not yet ended

But the gift and privilege I have

Been handed

Has made my thoughts extended

People’s faith in humanity love

Has mended.

New York was a diverse place with. Many cultures. You can try to piece it all together but it won’t fit. Not everything is perfect and that is perfectly fine. – Lucas

It was such an honor to meet all the people, and see all the places, we did. It felt like and probably is a once in a lifetime opportunity and Im so glad to have had it with all the amazing people I did. – Ciana

Right now I am sitting on the train with friends. Looking at them I realize how much all of us have changed on this trip and how much knowledge we have gained. – Lyla

I know it sounds cheesy but everything has a new meaning. I see the world through cleansed eyes. – Kiley

Chelsea MacMillian, a climate change activist and interfaith minister, was super calm. Like a stream. – Skyler

It was cool to meet Chelsea, a fellow Brooklyn-ite, and hear her perspective. I liked her points on how it’s easy to hate a yeller but when people pray together [as a form of activism] it is much harder to hate them. – Clay 

Chelsea’s visit was a very neat sum up of middle school. She was talking about faith, climate change, resilience, and activism. My questions is, how can I combine math, music, and social movement work? – Root