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Thursday – May 4th

Sugar Hill Creamery with Petruschka Bazin Larsen

Lunch in Harlem

Walk through Bryant Park

New York Bar Association with Maria Cilente

Dinner at Desi Galli with Zoe Timms and Pria Vanda

Bob Fosse’s Dancin’ on Broadway, Music Box Theater

At Sugar Hill Creamery, the work that was being done for the community there made me think of all the work that the Young Lords and the Panthers did just on a smaller scale. It made me realize that the work you do doesn’t always have to be huge to impact the people around you. – Camden

I never expected a morning in an ice cream shop to fuel such discussions of power, agency, and white privilege. – Malik

I constantly felt my mind slowly seeping through the cracks of reality. I wonder what those people are doing now; the ones I smiled at. The ones I looked at, the baby that waved. – Ava

It was just so inspiring how Petruschka (Sugar Hill) helped her community with something so simple yet so big. – Skyler

Today we went to Times Square..I saw hundreds of people selling things. This made me think of how these people are probably not getting paid much but the people whose ideas are sold are, even though they weren’t the ones working… I think we need to respect all the people that make this society function, especially the essential ones. – Gwen

When we met with Maria Cilente, I loved how she said/acknowledged that change takes time. – Sophia

One of the things that stood out to me most today was Maria at the NYC Bar Association. I was so inspired and intrigues by her work and how much of a difference lawyers can make and how much good they could do. I am officially adding lawyer to my “mental future careers” list… The play was better than I could have imagined… the rhythm in the dancing, the snaps, and the claps, and the way that their feet moved. It was beautiful and I will never forget it. – Matrix

What is agency? Who has agency and over what? Agency is a form of power. Every minute of every single day we are making choices even if it doesn’t feel like it. How can you figure out what the options are? It feels like a multiple choice quiz where the correct answers aren’t on the sheet! What is hiding those answers? Unlearned truths? If I could figure out exactly who I am and who I want to be would some of those answers be revealed? They still wouldn’t be chosen. That’s my job. But at least I would be able to see them. – Root

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