Compassion and Resilience Still Exists, Even in Dark Times

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Another unusual school year is ending, and with it comes the hope for a great and restful
summer shining behind the mountains of Vermont. It has not been an easy year for most;
COVID has stubbornly stayed among our community and forced us to change or adapt our
plans, activities, and lessons throughout the year, week by week. Despite all of that, we made it
to the top of the hill every day, ready to give the best of each one of us in order to provide
confidence and community to our students.

Resilience is perhaps the best concept that I can find to define what I see around our school
campus, in the classrooms, playground, hallways, and even in those moments a Montessori
lesson sparks a student’s imagination. But there can’t be resilience without compassion, as the
capacity to recover and continue moving forward requires awareness and care for your
community. It has been difficult, we know. This is our second full year of COVID times, but here
we are, continuing to move forward with compassion and resilience.
As the Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Director, and as a parent, I want to express my gratitude
and thanks to the teachers and staff for all of the immensely impactful, though often quiet, work
you do every day.

Yupaichani / Gracias / Thank you!
Marco Yunga Tacuri
Equity, Justice and Inclusion Director