Planning for the 2021/22 School Year

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Dear Families,

We hope that you are enjoying this summer as a time to refresh and relax, and perhaps visit people that you haven’t been able to see during the time of COVID restrictions. Up on the hill, we are busy with summer projects including: reconfiguring space, painting, gardening, enhancing outdoor space, documenting emergency planning, furthering HVAC upgrades, and more. We are also full speed ahead planning for next year, when we will be working to take what we learned from the necessary changes in the past year to “Build Back Better”! We will be looking at all aspects of our programs in the coming year to evaluate how to further the high fidelity Montessori curriculum that we offer. As we move towards next year:

  • We are planning for a “regular” school year. All of the classrooms are moving back to their usual spaces, but also expect to continue to use the outdoor space to the fullest. State guidelines are expected shortly, and we will adjust our plans if necessary to meet any and all requirements. We are holding off on finalizing summer letters until the state guidelines are issued, please stay tuned.
  • Enrollment is strong. We have a wait list in all programs except for Children’s House, where summer applicants are filling the final spots. If you know of any 3-5 year olds who would benefit from our authentic Montessori early childhood program, please have them contact Zoe Proctor, Admissions Director. 
  • We are thrilled with the enthusiastic, high-quality staff that we have been able to hire for various openings (see program sections below).
  • We still have openings for three positions: Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher, AfterCare Assistant, and Facilities Team Member. If you know of anyone interested in these positions, please have them check out the Employment Opportunities section of our website and send a resume and cover letter to Tamara Mount, Head of School.
  • We are thrilled to be further supporting economic diversity and accessibility for our school by extending our Indexed Tuition program to Before and AfterCare and to Pizza Lunch on Fridays! Families who have applied through SSS and have qualified for an Indexed Tuition of 75%, 50%, or 25% will be charged at their set rate if/when they sign up for BAC and/or Pizza Lunch! This was an important suggestion from the Equity & Anti-Bias Work Group and we are pleased to be furthering equity in this way at HMS.
  • We have a full calendar of back to school events – please check out the dates included below for your child’s program.

Have a great rest of summer – see you in August!

Tamara Mount, Head of School.