Reflections on Wednesday at the Capitol

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Dear Families,

After a year of troubling turmoil, 2021 started out with more. Our staff was in a staff meeting on Wednesday afternoon when the insurrection broke out at the capitol. Many of us had family or friends notifying us of what was happening. We have since talked, as program teams and as a full staff, about our own processing of the events, and about how to support students as they return to school next week. 

We recognize that children in some families will have heard more about the events than others, and that there is an age appropriate context for such information. Please be assured that we will openly welcome questions individually, and, at the older programs, in a group setting to help students process the events. We will work to acknowledge the difficult and upsetting parts, and also point out “the helpers”, the hope, and what did work. 

If you have any specific questions about your students program, please feel free to contact the teachers directly. If you have feedback or input for me, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Here are some resources that we have found helpful for parents and for teachers that may also be useful to you.

Be well and stay safe,


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