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Dear Hilltop Community,

We have come to the close of yet another ever-changing week in a year of constant change and adjustment. Once again we would like to thank you for your support, cooperation, and understanding. As things are constantly evolving here at Hilltop, they are evolving beyond as well. The Vermont Department of Education provided more clarifications and updates yesterday, in collaboration with the Vermont Department of Health, in regards to multi-household gatherings, including child care pods. As you should know, multi-household gatherings are currently NOT allowed in Vermont. There are exceptions for school and childcare. That is why we can still be open and meeting in-person. However, it is critical to the safety of our community that all other interactions are minimized as directed. For example, “social activity or informal play groups, are prohibited at this time” even if they are with families already in an educational pod. In the past we have encouraged families in the same pod to play at a playground or outside together. That is no longer allowed or appropriate. Additionally, today’s press conference also had clarification around extracurricular
activities. State officials noted that such activities (dance or gymnastic lessons, etc.) now must be private or semi-private and comply with all procedures. While these activities may legally occur in these small contexts, we really ask all families to not do extra activities. We want to protect schooling in-person as much as possible and appreciate your collaboration in those efforts. There are exceptions for carpools (within the same pod) and for babysitter/childcare situations. We would still require that interaction is limited and all appropriate safety measures are taken. We ALL need to do all we can to reduce all non-essential interactions. We encourage all families to read the Vermont Agency of Education memo carefully and thoroughly. During the next two weeks I will be away both physically and mentally to be with my immediate family. Please contact Lauren and/or Zoe at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions during the rest of December. I most certainly wish you all well as we reach the end of this challenging year, and greatly appreciate all the understanding, cooperation, and communication within our community.

Be well and stay safe,

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