Montessori at the State House!

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We are proud of our participation in Vermont’s state programs that have enabled us to be a part of public-private education partnerships. These programs enable us to support more families in attending Hilltop.

The PreK Partnership Program we currently participate in requires that we have a state licensed teacher engaged in our program. This is a challenge for us, as a Montessori school, because we need our teachers to be Montessori certified, and there are very few teachers who are both. 

But there is new development!! A proposed PreK bill has language that adds the Montessori credential as a qualifier to participate in the program. This would be huge. If this language passes, all of our Children’s House Montessori credentialed teachers would qualify to be the PreK partnership “teacher”.

“(B)(ii) employing or contracting for the services of at least one teacher to provide direct instruction to prekindergarten students who is either licensed and endorsed in early childhood education under chapter 51 of this title, licensed and endorsed in early childhood special education under chapter 51 of this title, or has a Montessori early childhood teacher certification”.

I am preparing to “testify” in front of the House Education Committee in Montpellier next Wednesday (no week off for me). I’m working with people at the American Montessori Society and the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education to use materials that have been used to make a similar case for other states. We are putting together a presentation that talks about why the Montessori credential is equivalent to a teacher license -other states have done this. Wish me luck – I am accepting suggestions!