First Board Meeting of the 2019-2020 School Year

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The HMS Board of Trustees gathered on Wednesday evening for our first meeting of the school year. We were first notified that Stephen Lowe, who has been the only Board member on the Buildings & Grounds Committee for the past year, has decided to step off the Board. Thanks, Stephen, for your service to Hilltop! We are now looking for new candidates, especially folks who have expertise in Buildings & Grounds issues, to join our newest Board member Andrea Lemon on the B&G Committee, either as a committee member or to join the board. Please reach out to Tamara, Alix, Asher or Vanessa if you are interested in learning more about what it means to be on a Board committee or to serve on the Board!

Other items discussed during this meeting included:

  • Development update with lots of upcoming activities and events, notably Annual Fund! Stay tuned for announcements from Roselle regarding upcoming events!  
  • Finance review – we had a good discussion of our projected cash flow for the upcoming school year, in light of how our enrollment has settled. Overall, the school’s finances are strong, and we are still considering whether we will need an endowment draw this year, and if so, when and how much. 
  • We had a spirited discussion about the migration of the Board’s functional document management system from an older google site to a new shared drive. While this might not seem greatly important for the rest of the school, issues of ownership, transparency, accountability, security, and legal liability (not to mention plain old functionality) were all brought up. Ultimately, we believe that this will be an important tool in supporting the functions of the Board, which will ultimately serve the needs of the school.

We look forward to talking with you at upcoming events, including Grandparents and Special Friends Day on Friday, October 11!

Stay in touch,

Asher, Alix, and Vanessa