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While we know that Hilltop Montessori is a remarkable school and worthy of investment, sometimes the best way to answer a question like, “Why give?” is to let one of our parents do the talking.

“Almost exactly two years ago our family was pushed to do something we had always wanted to do – enroll our son at Hilltop. About one week later, the Annual Fund drive started and we were asked to make a financial donation to the school. I didn’t understand what an Annual Fund was and felt really surprised at being asked to give yet more money when we had just committed to paying tuition.

Despite our confusion, we gave what we could because we were so relieved and grateful that, like a plant that hadn’t been watered for too long and had finally gotten a good soaking, our son had sprung back to life within a few days of starting at Hilltop. Since then we have learned a lot about what the Annual Fund is and how essential it is that everyone give what they can.

Tuition doesn’t cover costs alone; the Annual Fund provides essential funds that pay for salaries, classroom materials, field trips, books, maintenance, and, financial aid. We gave two years ago out of gratitude and relief, we gave last year because we understood that even our modest gift was very important to the financial health of Hilltop, and we’ll give what we can this year because our gratitude for the education our son is receiving and our understanding of the importance of our gift has grown.”

– Parent of Upper Elementary student

Annual Gifts help us live and thrive…

At Hilltop, tuition covers roughly 85% of the school’s expenses. Contributions through the Annual Appeal, Friends of Hilltop Benefit Auction, and the Wheeler Fund have an immediate, positive impact and are used to:

  • Offer competitive salaries and professional development opportunities to retain and attract the highest caliber teachers
  • Update and expand our academic curriculum and offer a wide array of extracurricular activities
  • Maintain reasonable and competitive tuition levels
  • Support tuition assistance for our families
  • Upgrade technology, purchase educational materials, and maintain facilities
  • And sustain the vitality of our school on a daily basis

If you would like to donate to the Annual Fund, please send a donation via Venmo at #HMS1972 and indicate that it is for the Annual Fund, or Donate Here.

Capital Gifts help us grow…

Throughout our history, Hilltop has raised funds for major capital initiatives that require large sums of money above and beyond our yearly operating budget. Generous giving to the Capital Campaign enabled us to build our brand new school, and most recently allowed us to renovate the old ‘barn’ and create an arts, performance, and recreation space.

For more information about capital campaign opportunities or giving to Hilltop please contact Sarah Thessing, Development Director, at 802.257.0500 ext 3 or [email protected].