The Toddler Program

18 to 36 months

  • Welcome to the Toddler Room.

Dr. Montessori recognized that toddler aged children absorb great amounts of knowledge from their environment quickly and effortlessly. The Montessori toddler classroom is thoughtfully prepared to foster the growth of this unique and extremely important period of time and is a nurturing and rich learning environment.

  • Serves toddlers ages 18-36 months
  • Available for 5 mornings a week, with full or half-day schedules
  • Provides a high-quality, authentic Montessori approach, materials, and activities for these younger members of our community
  • Toilet learning is part of the curriculum

A typical routine of the day includes:

  • Outdoor time – developing gross motor skills and social skills
  • Open Work Cycle – toddlers choosing work that interest them and holds their interest
  • Snack – a snack that encourages healthy eating and independence
  • Lunch – a lunch from home eaten in a group setting, encouraging independence and social skills
  • Nap – a calm quiet-time developmentally appropriate for this age
  • More outdoor time!

For those of you who haven’t seen a Montessori toddler program in
action, you are in for a treat. This environment is beautiful and amazing; teachers supporting the child’s abilities, choice of work, development of practical life skills, and satisfaction in growing independence applied at this young age.  So many physical and cognitive skills are just coming online and the whole world is opening up to them for their exploration and mastery. To have this happen in a Montessori prepared environment tailored to their size, abilities, and interests is a gift!

“Teaching for me — it’s pure joy. ”
— Ellie Pennell
The Toddler Program
Ages 18–36 months
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