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After school sports and After School Enrichment Programs (ASEP) are offered seasonally through the school year. These programs are optional and there is a fee in addition to the school tuition.


Hilltop offers coed soccer skill building for lower elementary students and coed teams for Upper and Middle School students who will play games with other area schools. Whether your student is a beginner or advanced soccer player, they will surely enjoy this serious but fun sports opportunity.


Hilltop offers a coed, fundamental skill development clinic for students Kindergarten through Lower Elementary. A continued skill development is offered for Upper Elementary and Middle School students. UE and MS Teams will play away games only with other area schools, as the Hilltop Gym is not large enough.

After School Enrichment Programs (ASEP)

Hilltop offers high quality after school enrichment programs to children of many ages. We have put together activities that draw on the experience of many local experts. Some examples of this are Cultural Cooking with Elizabeth Rosenberg, Outdoor Winter Survival with BEEC, and Circus Arts with NECCA. These activities are fun and experiential for the participating children. They will also help to extend the day for families that need more hours of child supervision.  

Program start time is 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Programs are not held when school is not in session. The session takes place Sept – Dec, unless otherwise noted. Class sizes are limited and enrollment is done on a “first one, first serve” basis, so sign up as soon as soon as possible. Once a class reaches its maximum registration, a waiting list will be started.

Past and Possible Future ASEP

Tennis Tennis is held at the BOC courts. Brattleboro Outing club will again be offering reduced cost tennis instruction for students at Hilltop Montessori School.  The program will be run by Jacob Miller, co-director of the BOC Summer Tennis Program.  Each session will be held at the BOC outdoor tennis courts running from 3:15 to 4:30pm. The program will teach kids of all ages and ability levels the basic fundamentals of tennis, focusing on technique, movement, tennis etiquette/rules and how to be a good sport. Equipment will be provided for anyone who needs it.

Cultural Cooking with Lizi Rosenberg Using our imagination and inspiration, we will ride magic carpets, teleport, fly unicorns, or fly a regular jet to at least 10 different countries to learn about the culture, people and foods of these diverse places. Kids will learn to cook one classic dish from each country while practicing kitchen skills like rolling, cutting, grinding, mixing, and following recipes. We will use books, music and art to round out our educational culinary journey around the world. Last academic year, we visited 20 countries. This year, we will add 10 more to the list, stamping our Hilltop Montessori Cooking Passports along the way. Elizabeth will also be incorporating spoken Spanish and French into the kitchen classroom!

Outdoor Winter Survival with BEEC Could you survive the winter living outdoors?  What can we learn from animal winter survival strategies?  Exploring the outdoors we will practice nature awareness, track animals, learn bird language, identify plants, build snow shelters and make a winter campfire. Come prepared for cold weather!

Circus Arts with NECCA This class will introduce students to basic techniques of juggling, hooping, partner acrobatics, circus games, and more!

Video Club Open to 6th Grade and Middle School
Our video club’s activities will depend on members’ interest and skill level. We will have talks and demos from guest videographers, editors, sound and light technicians, coupled with lots of time to experiment with personal projects. Potential subjects and techniques could include: stop motion, documentary filmmaking, dramatic films, making Mindcraft films and more. We’ll also be taking field trips to BCTV to get some instruction in working in a studio setting. Members should bring an iPod, iPad, video camera or whatever device they have that will capture video. Club’s staff mascot is Amelia Farnum alongside Francisco Magnani.

Creative Movement Dancers young and old find creative ways to express themselves through movement, while building physical confidence and skill. Dancers discover their own range of movement: how BIG they can move and how small; how fast and how slow. Classes help foster strong self-image, self-awareness, and self-direction, engaging mind, body, and spirit simultaneously.

Historical Fencing Learn Historical Fencing for fun and athleticism. Start with basic moves and then Capture the Flag has never been so much fun! The instructor has 15 years experience in fencing and in other martial arts. He now focuses on Italian Rapier (Renaissance form of fencing) and German Longsword (Medieval fencing form).

Fire and Stone Explore the woods and fields of the Hilltop campus and learn ancient survival skills. Become at home in the forest as we explore the woods, tell stories, track wild animals, learn to make and tend fire, taste wild edible plants, and more.  Led by experienced instructors from the Vermont Wilderness School.

Drum Circle Jay’s percussion ensemble workshops are energizing, fun, and “hands-on.” Students will experience playing African and African-style hand drums, marimba, bells and shakers. This class explores drumming technique, traditional rhythms and improvisation, as well as the cultural context of the music. Everyone should be prepared to jam!

Spanish This class is a fun, engaging, student-centered introduction to the Spanish language. The focus is on developing fluency with the most frequently used words and phrases in Spanish through fun and quirky stories, games, personalized discussion and comprehensible, repetitive Spanish. Instructor Information: Elissa McLean is the founder and director of Escuelita Spanish School, offering innovative and effective Spanish programs to students of all ages. She holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education and is a certified Pre-K-12 Spanish teacher.

Mountain Biking Explore the trails at school and nearby. This activity will emphasize fun while getting exercise. Daq has 13 years of experience teaching kids to ride bikes. Course requirements are: a mountain bike in good running order, helmet, eye protection, a small backpack with snacks and water. We will hone the student’s riding skills and build confidence. We will be riding the extensive trail network behind the school.

Wild Plants Workshop A hands-on class exploring uses and benefits of wild plants. We’ll be making and drinking herbal infusions, creating our own lip balms, herbal soaps, emergency salves for your hiking pack or first aid kit, and more.

 Graphic Jam A cartoon is more than just a goofy picture. It is a drawing designed to communicate an idea. We will explore elements of cartooning, illustration, and graphic novels. Students will design characters and learn how to make those characters expressive. They will invent story concepts and illustrate them and they will draw a lot of goofy pictures. The session will include a mix of structured lessons, individual projects and cartoon-based games and activities. The only requirement is the desire to sit and draw for 90 minutes after the school day has ended.


ASEP General Policies

Programs are not held when school is not in session. Class sizes are limited and enrollment is on a “first come, first serve” basis, so sign up as soon as possible. Once a class reaches its maximum registration, a waiting list will be started. However, you will be notified if a class is not offered because of insufficient enrollment.

The fees also cover the equipment, supplies and administration for the programs. Hilltop Montessori School has a financial responsibility to these instructors that we must commit to prior to the activity.  Because of this financial commitment, the following policy is in effect for all after-school activities:  1) if a student withdraws from a program any time after registering, through the first week of the program, you are responsible for paying 25% of the cost of the program.  2.) if a student withdraws from a program any time after the first week, you are obligated to pay 100% of the cost of the program.  Instructors are not responsible for students after the class ends.  Please plan on picking students up at the stated ending time of class.  Students remaining more than 15 minutes after the completion of the program will be signed into After Care and charged $8.00.  Final pickup is at 5:00 p.m. To be respectful of our staff’s evening, we will strictly enforce the existing policy of $1 per minute overtime charge for children picked up after 5:00 p.m.