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Hilltop's In-House Winter Sports Program

Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School

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Hilltop has seen the “mission” of Winter Sports to expose/teach children who may not otherwise have an opportunity to do such sports (skating, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing/snowboarding) to have access to learn one or more of these Vermont winter culture sports that could turn into a lifelong activity. With a lens increasingly focused on equity, community, and environmental sustainability, Hilltop is proud to celebrate and explore nature and winter on our very own hill. We are fortunate to have skating, cross-country trails, and even a downhill “mountain” right in our neighborhood. If the weather cooperates, groups will divide by their chosen sport and will have 2 hours of concentrated skill building. Kindergarten students have ice skating lessons at Living Memorial Park. We offer students in Elementary and Middle School the options of skating, intro to skiing, cross-country skiing, and downhill at The Brattleboro Ski Hill (or on campus) as their main choice of activity to focus on. Advanced skiers might have the options of ski jumping, ski racing, and designing and making terrain features. If the weather is not at all cooperative for skiing, we offer other options that could be available for students on those days. Depending on weather and students interests these options might include wilderness survival skills, hiking and snowshoeing around the mountain and on school trails, bonfires, making snow forts and snow castles, sledding, animal tracking, and more!

Mountain Days are an integral part of Hilltop’s curriculum, and all fees are included in tuition.