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At Hilltop Montessori School we implement the classic Montessori Curriculum with a Vermont style and sensibility. Our school is divided into programs that each include two or three years and directly address the information and skills in a way that is perfectly aligned with where the students are developmentally. Within the multiple-age groupings, students are able to progress at their own pace in each subject area and work  at a level that is both challenging and leads to success. No individual is labeled as ahead or behind, everyone is doing the work that is right for them. The older students help the youngers and all learn in a community of cooperation.

The curriculum is based on the teachings and materials developed by Maria Montessori and has grown and evolved over the past 100 years around the world, and the past 40 years at Hilltop. At Hilltop we successfully integrate art, music, dramatics, and technology (Upper El and Middle School) into the typical academic subjects of the indoor and outdoor classrooms. We also directly teach and support the development of the social and emotional skills so critical to the whole child’s development and to future growth and satisfaction in school, work, and life.

Our five programs are:

Please look further at the specifics aspects of the curriculum at each age level in the links included above. And, then, please contact us and visit our school to see how these programs in action.