Afternoon and AfterCare Assistant

Kerstin Roos

Kerstin is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and moved to the Brattleboro area in 2015 with her family. She and her husband Cyrus have two children, Darius and Ilona, both of whom attended Montessori schools. Illona attended Hilltop from fourth grade to graduation in 2020!  Kerstin is grateful for how the Montessori experience helped her children become engaged and kind human beings. 

Kerstin is also a self-taught chocolatier and owned and operated a chocolate shop in Canada before moving to Vermont to study sustainable development at SIT.  She loves to educate people about chocolate especially through the act of eating it. 

She also loves to sew, cook, do yoga and ride her bike through the hills of Dummerston. She is excited to be back in the Hilltop community in a new role!