Middle School Teacher: Math and Science

Fynn Crooks

Fynn Crooks originally hails from Mid-Missouri, but she spent 14 years teaching, living, and loving in Asheville, North Carolina before making the move north to Brattleboro to be nearer family and friends. She has been involved with the traditional dance and music community in New England since before a single gray hair graced her head, and she plans to keep singing and dancing for twice again as long. Fynn also loves backpacking, mountain and gravel biking, crossfit, swimming in summer streams, and ice skating on frozen winter ponds. She’s better than average at ping pong and holds an MA in Education and Storytelling from East Tennessee State University – two accomplishments she’s probably invested an equal amount of time and money in. Fynn believes that one can find the secrets of the universe through math, travel, and laughter, but not necessarily in that order. Right now, Fynn is on a sheep farm in a rural part of the United Kingdom getting married to the most lovely and energetic human she has ever met. Her partner will join her in Brattleboro later this year. Fynn is so looking forward to joining the community at Hilltop and can think of no better place to spend her days!