Children's House Assistant

Françoise Zucchetti Clay

Françoise’s journey in the Montessori field began when her 10 year old daughter started attending a Montessori school in 2003. Françoise believes that her daughter’s Montessori education helped build skills and self-confidence in a way that her prior  schooling did not allow. Over time, Françoise became more and more involved in her daughter’s school, first as volunteer, then as a cook, and later as a teacher. Françoise completed her AMI Montessori training at the primary (3-6 year old) level in 2008 and taught as a lead teacher for 4 years before moving to the United States from France.

One of the things that Françoise loves about Montessori is the way it allows each child to grow according to his or her individual needs and abilities. She appreciates the focus on all aspects of a child’s development, not exclusively on the area of academics. Françoise is looking forward to bringing her Montessori experience to our Children’s House and Aftercare Programs this year.