Kahn Mason Award for Outstanding Contribution to Hilltop Montessori School

Hilltop Montessori School honors outstanding contributions to the school with the Kahn Mason Award. In 2017, Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason were the namesakes and first recipients of the award. It was through the Kahn Masons’ generosity that the school was able to relocate in 2009 from rented space to its current 43 acre location off of Guilford Street in Brattleboro. In addition to the game changing gift that facilitated the move to the new home, the Kahn Mason Foundation has, over the years, granted significant funds to Hilltop for art education, programs, and supplies. This award is to honor those in our school community who truly leave their mark on our school as Wolf and Emily have done, not only with philanthropic contributions, but also gifts of talent and time.

Most recently on May 25, 2018 Tonia Wheeler became the second recipient of the award. Below is a snapshot of the day celebrating Tonia’s contributions to Hilltop.

Award Ceremony Honoring Tonia Wheeler

Welcome by Tamara Mount
Head of School

Remarks from Lynn and Les Lederer & Sandy Campbell
Alumni Parents, Grandparents and Friends
Lynn Lederer and Les Long

Sandy Campbell

Wheeler Fund Thank you
Paul Dedell, Finn Campman & Ellie Pennell (Faculty)

Melany Kahn, Current Parent & Alum Parent

Presentation of Award
Anna Hubbard, Naomi Lurz and Julia Fedoruk
Words from Julia and Anna

Reflections by Tonia Wheeler
Hilltop Montessori School Founding Head of School
Hilltop – Oh the Places We’ve Been

“There is a River Flowing in my Soul”
Performed by Middle School Students, led by Paul Dedell

Written and sung by students and Tom Griffith

Photos from the day celebrating Tonia, Grandparents and Special Friends!

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