50th Logo

Hilltop’s 50th Anniversary logo pulls back through history to our former rabbit logo. The rabbit was the Hilltop logo from 1984 until 1993, created by an artist friend of Tonia Wheeler’s (former Head of School). The artist had a child in Children’s House and thought the rabbit represented the energy of a three to five year old child. When the logo was launched there was in fact pet rabbits in each of the the Children’s House classrooms.

The red square was inspired by the Binomial Cube, a material emblematic of Montessori teaching. It is a material that grows with the students from Children’s house to Middle School, just as Hilltop grew to add programs over it’s fifty year history.

Jubal Hayes incorporated the historic rabbit logo and the current red square logo into the 50th Anniversary logo. Jubal used the trinomial cube as the backdrop.

It is wonderful to celebrate having grown from the initial days at the West Village Meeting House, through the many location, to what the school is today as an American Montessori Society accredited school serving children toddler through middle school.