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Hilltop ~ A Vision for Learning & Life

Hilltop Montessori School was founded in 1972 by a group of parents who wanted a quality pre-school experience for their children which has now grown into a fully accredited Montessori School serving over 120 students in the Toddler Program through the Middle School.

Originally housed at the West Village Meeting house in West Brattleboro, and aptly named Hilltop Nursery School with 20 enrolled students, it moved to downtown Brattleboro in the basement of the Centre Congregational Church, to High Street when it was the Winston Prouty Center, to the Vermont Hall at the former Austine School, to the current location on Stafford Farm Hill. 

Andre Silberman (2007) shares his curriculum vitae.

Community 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Kickoff Event and Celebration

On Friday, September 2nd Hilltop launched our 50th Anniversary celebration with our Family Picnic! Students and staff received the retro-inspired bunny shirt, and we all enjoyed cake to close out the fun evening on campus.

Hilltop Art Display at Harmony Collective

Our Hilltop students will display their works of art for the month of February 2023 at the Harmony Collective in downtown Brattleboro. Please stop by the Harmony Collective during the month of February and celebrate our long standing history of cultivating the creative minds within each student.

Anniversary Weekend June 10-11, 2023

Hilltop will close the 50th Anniversary celebration at our beautiful campus the weekend after Middle School graduation. Please join us, invite friends, alumni, neighbors, and get a taste of what makes Hilltop so special! There will be games, music, theater, food, and fun! Stay tuned as details get finalized and save the date.

Volunteer with a 50th Committee

Please consider joining one of Hilltop’s 50th Anniversary Committees, for example, the Anniversary Weekend Committee! Email us at [email protected]

Hilltop Over 50 Years

Hilltop Nursery School is Established
First location opens at West Village Meetinghouse with one teacher and one assistant.
The Little Red House is first built
Over the years a favorite playground structure, The Red House, has endured rough and tumble climbers, provided a source of endless imaginative play, and shelter for young children. The structure was built, sanded, loved, repaired, painted, moved, and rebuilt, again by members of the community and became a memory and an icon shared by generations of Hilltop students.
Hilltop Moves to Centre Congregational Church
Hilltop adds Kindergarten
Lower Elementary School Program Begins
First class of eight students at Centre Congregational Church
Aftercare Program Begins
First Summer Fun Program
Tonia Wheeler Hired as Head of School
Lower Elementary Program Moves to 75 High Street (Prouty Center)
Upper Elementary Program Begins
Name Changed to Hilltop Montessori School
Hilltop Montessori School Moves to the Austine Campus
First Field Day Takes Place
Haytown is Established
First 6th Grade Class Graduates
Elementary School After School Activities Program Begins
Middle School Program Begins at Centre Congregational Location
Seventeen students in 6th and 7th grade
First 8th Grade Graduating Class
Five students graduate
Middle School Moves to Austine Campus
Hilltop Launches First Capital Campaign
School entrance, classroom and technology improvements, playground, and endowment
Hilltop Launches Website
All School Gathering (ASG) Begins Weekly
Upland is Established and Kevin Campbell Becomes Head of School
The Wheeler Fund is Established
Hilltop Board Votes to Purchase Highpoint Property for Hilltop
"Envision the Future" Capital Campaign Begins
Hilltop Moves to Summit Circle
Tamara Mount Becomes Head of School
Arts Barn Project is Complete and Toddler Program is Established
Added Elementary School Deck for Additional Outside Classroom Space

Hilltop Voices

Thank you for being the teachers you were for me, and still are for other students. You allowed me to be curious and question things. I carry the Hilltop values and education with me everywhere. You are part of the reason why I was able to do this. 

Elkanah Linder 
Class of 2011
It’s been more than 20 years since I was at Hilltop, but I still mention Kevin [Campbell] on a regular basis when I talk about my most influential educators.  Kevin’s semester on the stock market had a strong influence on the direction of my life.  I am grateful for his belief that understanding the financial markets should be part of a well rounded education.
Ross Cameron
Class of 1999

Camping at Upland at the beginning of each year is one of my most memorable experiences. Night walks, outdoor classrooms, meals around a  fire, and spending 24 hours a day next to the peers you will be in school with for the next year is an amazing experience. It builds lasting friendships and a strong community from the first weeks of the school year.

Gus Williams
Class of 2016

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