Current Families

Families play a huge role in the success of their children’s education. We appreciate the hard work and commitment parents devote to the Hilltop community, and in turn we want parents to understand what makes Hilltop unique and exceptional.


Hilltop expects …

1. That parents commit to learning as much as possible about the Montessori approach to be able to support their child in his or her day-to-day school life.

2. That parents commit, as part of this education, to observing their child in class during scheduled observations periods.

3. That parents sign up and attend scheduled conferences.

4. That parents attend informational/educational events clarifying expectations and deepening knowledge of Montessori philosophy.

5. That parents, as best they can, be willing to support the values and expectations their child experiences at school. This means that parents have a value system that is enough in alignment with that of the school so that the child is not in conflict.







“For years I’ve been impressed with how parents participate. They volunteer at every level – painting cubbies and scrubbing the refrigerator, setting tuitions and approving the budget, guest teaching in biology, art and music. ”
— a Hilltop Parent
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