River of Spirit Odyssey – Day 6

Tuesday, May 10

10:00 – Sri Lakshmi Hindu Temple.

1:00 – Afternoon at Faneuil Hall

4:00 – Meet with Brother Luke and Brother Keith from the monastery of the Society of St. John 

5:30 – Eucharist Service, Society of St. John the Evangelist,

6:30 – Dinner in Harvard Square

Return to Friendly Crossways – journal, sing, sleep


At Emmanuel I felt so at home, everything felt familiar so it was easy for me to focus on the service. Singing in the beautiful church with that vibrant community really spoke to me. In that service, I felt as if I was praying with/beside God instead of to him.

Lucy F.

The room was filled with deeply scented smoke and my nose was busy stuck up in the air. The thick blue book was open to some sacred page and the words flowed from them up through human hearts and out into the high asking dome where God was sitting, watching.


This trip has pushed me to think of what is my faith and where is it leading me to and ,if I have faith, in what form is it in?


At the Compline service at the Trinity Church, I felt most connected to something. I don’t want to say God because I really don’t know what it was but it was something about hearing the voices and being able to close my eyes and just sit and listen.


I love the Compline service. I love darkness and solidarity and peace. And how this service is intimate and about your connection to God. It was the time I felt like God cared about our relationship.


The time I felt most close to God was at the beginning of Compline. It was a very brief moment. I was sitting down on the choir bench when I heard one of the most beautiful sounds that I have not yet heard.


When I saw people praying so powerfully and so focused, I felt like I was connecting through them to God and this is what happened at Common Cathedral.


I felt the most power of God at the Harvard Art Museum, seeing the paintings and the spirit, love, sadness, fear, or whatever the artist put into the painting. There were so many different kinds of art but they were all saying the same thing. All trying to express the same feeling of spirit and care in the work.

Lucy P.

At Temple Ohabei Shalom, I felt the chants rise up around, beautiful and so packed with meaning.