River of Spirit Odyssey 2016 – Day 3

Saturday, May 7 

Breakfast at Friendly Crossways – take the vans to:

10:00 – Morning Shabbat at Temple Beth Zion in Brookline

12:00 – Lunch (school purchase) and Conversation with Reb Moshe

2:00 –Thousand Buddha Temple – Quincy, Massachusetts

4:15 – Holy Trinity Orthodox CathedralMeet with Father Robert M. Arida and attend Vigil for the Resurrection.

6:30 – Dinner City Place Food Court

8:00 – Blue Man Group

Return to Friendly Crossways

Although we wrote and contemplated this extraordinarily full day, by the time we returned to Friendly Crossways there was truly only one thing anyone was capable of, sleep…

Chanting with Master Bhikku Kaizhao



Music from the service at Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral