River of Spirit Odyssey 2016 – Day 1

Thursday, May 5

9:00 – Leave Hilltop

11:00 – Wat Boston Buddha Vararam (Thai Buddhist Temple)  Bedford, MA. , lesson, chant, and meditation with monk from Theravada tradition.

2:30 – Arrive at Friendly Crossways Hostel 247 Littleton County Road Harvard  Drop off luggage and get tour.

3:30 – Head into Boston

Alewife to Park Street

5:00 – Dinner – Corner Mall Food Court (Downtown Crossing)

6:00 – The Crossing – An alternative approach to liturgy.  Cathedral Church of St. Paul. Conversation with members after the service.

Park Street to Alewife

Return to Friendly Crossways – journal, sing, sleep

We have arrived – We are safe



I don’t like singing, even in a group, but I enjoyed it [at The Crossing]. The people were really nice and inviting, and I really like that they weren’t telling me to believe in this, believe in that. The vibe was just to do this because it’s fun.



I felt fully engaged and present within our time [at The Crossing]. Passing around communion was really special, and the idea of taking in a piece of the divine into yourself and then passing that on to your neighbor is great.


It made me think about how many ways we actually do a type of walking meditation. Today we spent a solid fifteen minutes in silent walking meditation with Aew at the Buddhist Temple. We also did the labyrinth at The Crossing while walking with music. And we even do a sort of walking meditation while we do our night walks in Upland. It made me think deeper about the endless ways people choose to escape their world and fall into meditation.


Hello, Sister,


Join us in our joy and our worship.

Hello, Sister,

Celebrate with us

Our thankfulness together.

Hello, Sister,

Come feel our

Sadness and our happiness

With us.


When that monk blessed us, I just couldn’t stop grinning. Like he was showering all of us with liquid happiness.


We walk the labyrinth as part of Open Space at The Crossing – a time to find your own way to connect with spirit.