River of Spirit 2016 – Day 2

Friday, May 6

Breakfast at Friendly Crossways

10:00 – Head into Boston

Alewife to Harvard Square

12:10 – Mass at Church of Saint Paul.  Conversation with Father Mark Murphy and members of St. Paul’s Choir School

1:45 Lunch in Harvard Square

5:00 – Conversation with Rabbi Sonia Saltzman of the Temple Ohabei Shalom

5:45 – Dinner in Coolidge Corner

7:00 – Shabbat B’yachad service Temple Ohabei Shalom

Green Line “C” Kent Street Stop to Park Street to Alewife

Return to Friendly Crossways – journal, sing, sleep

Today we went to the Church of Saint Paul. It was so different from anything I’d ever done before. The boy’s choir sounded like angels, especially since they were singing above us. Something in me just melted when I first walked in and saw the gorgeous architecture.  -Marley

Today we went to Saint Paul’s Parish. It was the most beautiful church I have ever been to. The stained glass and stone were amazing, especially the carvings. Their boy’s choir was absolutely stunning. It sounded like angels. -Emeline

          Temple Ohabei Shalom

Maybe it’s just me but…

Germany, Russia, China, to Chile.

She has such a great story

of her triumphant glory

being a rebbe in a day and age.

Up on the stage

With her family

One I see as my own

My people, my word, my world

Comfort, Understanding, Tradition

Song, dance, random noise

Laughter and jokes

It is all me.

All my people.

My home.

Family. Joy.

A bat mitzvah waiting in the wings

anticipation and happiness

I am in my element.


Sitting on the steps of Temple Ohabei Shalom, thinking about what we saw and what we’re going to see, I feel a heightened sense of community in our motley crew of tweens. I think we all feel it!


The temple was really fun for me. I loved the singing, of course. The people made me feel welcome. I just LOVED the community!


Boy’s Choir of St. Pauls from midday mass